The Curtis Jones Literacy Project

Download "Fouled Out" today!

The Curtis Jones Literacy Project features a 25-minute documentary, a curriculum guide and materials that can either be used as a one-week project (for English classes or other groups) or a one-day project (for your school’s basketball team, for example). We’ve included detailed curriculum guides and handouts for both projects.

The documentary “Fouled Out” is a spellbinding look at Curtis’ life story, and features interviews with NBA legends Dave Bing, Spencer Haywood and Jalen Rose, all of whom played against Curtis or saw his greatness in person.

If your students are crazy about basketball, this is the perfect way to reach them.

You'll receive:

  • A free electronic version of the movie.
  • Classroom Lesson Plan
  • Newspaper Story Instructions
  • Newspaper Story Worksheet
  • Detroit's Goal Worksheet