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School Websites: Keep it Simple!

Posted by Guest Author on Feb 1, 2017 6:15:00 PM

What is the true purpose of a website: to inform, or to promote? Well, that depends on your intended outcome. Companies selling a product can focus on promotion, of the product, perhaps including an FAQ page for customer support. Informational sites, like Wikipedia, simply provide information about whatever the user wants to learn or municipality sites that provide simply what’s going on in the community.

School websites have a challenge that is difficult to overcome in that they are trying to attract new students, but also maintain relationships with existing parents and students by keeping them informed.

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10 Quick Things You Can Do to Improve Your Website NOW

Posted by Guest Author on Mar 22, 2016 10:26:57 AM
It’s interesting – we all visit countless websites every single day. We have our favorites for fun and get frustrated with many we are required to use. No matter how comfortable we are with using (and secretly judging) the sites of others, for some reason, the thought of addressing our own is very unnerving and possibly intimidating. However, there are a number of relatively quick and easy website changes you can make now.
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