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How to use Facebook to increase enrollment: stop marketing, start sharing

Posted by Grace Noyola on May 16, 2018 10:15:52 PM

In today’s digital world, research continues to demonstrate that Facebook is the preferred word-of-mouth marketing tool for parents, teachers, students and businesses alike - this makes it the perfect place to market your charter school to prospective families. But are you employing the right tactics, or are your methods falling flat?

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3 Biggest Misconceptions about School Facebook Pages

Posted by Becky Carlton on Sep 19, 2017 9:47:47 AM

If your school does not have a Facebook page yet, you are behind the times. It is an absolute must that each school manage a Facebook page for marketing, branding, fundraising and engagement on all levels. Some schools have been dragging their feet on getting a Facebook page operational thinking it is a fad that will fade away and be taken over by some other form of social media. Although that might be true in the next 5-10 years, the moral of the story is that there is no excuse not to have a Facebook presence for your school NOW.

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How to Shoot Great School Facebook Videos on Your Phone

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on Jul 14, 2017 7:00:00 PM

When it comes to promoting your school, Facebook is king. And when it comes to Facebook, videos are king. There’s no better way to reach current and prospective parents than through Facebook, and there’s nothing on Facebook that’s more effective or engaging than a video.

The moral of the story? You need to put more videos about your school on Facebook. Duh.

As the start of the new school year approaches, your goal should be to post at least one video every week about your school. What kind of videos? Anything interesting that’s going on at your school – anything that showcases your students, your curriculum, your innovation or your mission.

And here's the best part – it's a whole lot easier than you think. If you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket, you’ve got everything you need. 

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Tips and Strategies for School Facebook Pages

Posted by Becky Carlton on Jun 15, 2017 10:50:39 AM

Facebook is a prime tool for school marketing and branding. Although a school’s website is a means to convert traffic to new parents and students, a school’s Facebook page can be the primary source most times that parents even visit your website to begin with. Parents see their friends like or share your school’s posts and get curious about your school. So much so that they click on your Facebook Page to find the link to your website to check it out for their child.

So, how can schools maximize their Facebook Page to ensure families, teachers and the community stay engaged?

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School Websites: Keep it Simple!

Posted by Guest Author on Feb 1, 2017 6:15:00 PM

What is the true purpose of a website: to inform, or to promote? Well, that depends on your intended outcome. Companies selling a product can focus on promotion, of the product, perhaps including an FAQ page for customer support. Informational sites, like Wikipedia, simply provide information about whatever the user wants to learn or municipality sites that provide simply what’s going on in the community.

School websites have a challenge that is difficult to overcome in that they are trying to attract new students, but also maintain relationships with existing parents and students by keeping them informed.

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Why is blogging the new marketing trend?

Posted by Becky Carlton on Nov 10, 2016 2:53:30 PM

Consumers are savvy shoppers today with endless information at their fingertips on the Internet. From price comparisons to researching products, consumers take in more information before making a purchase, especially a school that is deciding on a new service or product that could impact student learning, directly or indirectly.

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How to Increase School Enrollment by Marketing Your Academic Success

Posted by Becky Carlton on Jun 13, 2016 2:21:25 PM

School marketing has become a gregarious task these days. Deciding whether to pay for that commercial promo or billboard can be an unwavering decision while weighing whether to feature your after-school sports program or your premiere teacher. Marketing to most schools equates to how much money can we spend with minimal impact. However, there are so many approaches to marketing that don’t require you to empty your bank account, but instead challenge you to rethink your strategy on WHAT you are communicating. Have you ever considered marketing your academic growth versus proficiency as a means to increase your school enrollment?

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5 Clever School Enrollment Tips and Tricks

Posted by Becky Carlton on Apr 19, 2016 2:22:10 PM

Schools use a variety of methods when it comes to marketing and enrolling students. From enrollment applications, parent outreach and marketing dollars, schools can be creative in their outreach campaigns to reach a wider market of parents and students. School enrollment can be a stressful time, so why not try a few fun new avenues to reach those potential parents and students?

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How to Use Your School's Facebook Page for PR

Posted by Becky Carlton on Mar 23, 2016 11:48:30 AM

When it comes to getting great PR for your school, you can’t beat Facebook. After all, it’s free! Having a great Facebook page doesn’t just allow you to interact with your current families – it also serves as an excellent marketing tool to attract new families. Parents – especially moms – are on Facebook all the time, and as they consider educational options for their children, they’ll definitely be checking out a prospective school’s Facebook page. Make sure yours stands out. Here are 5 things you should be doing to make sure you have the best Facebook presence possible.

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10 Quick Things You Can Do to Improve Your Website NOW

Posted by Guest Author on Mar 22, 2016 10:26:57 AM
It’s interesting – we all visit countless websites every single day. We have our favorites for fun and get frustrated with many we are required to use. No matter how comfortable we are with using (and secretly judging) the sites of others, for some reason, the thought of addressing our own is very unnerving and possibly intimidating. However, there are a number of relatively quick and easy website changes you can make now.
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