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Supporting teachers is KEY to teacher retention

Posted by Guest Author on Mar 14, 2018 2:10:10 PM

In many cases, teachers are hired and put in a classroom (sometimes just days or hours before the first day of school!) and are expected to make the magic happen. If s/he can’t, it is assumed that the teacher has some major deficit.  Most times, this assumption is incorrect and reflects unrealistic expectations of what a degree in education or certification actually prepares one for.

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Hiring for Your School's Culture

Posted by Angi Beland on Mar 17, 2016 9:55:27 AM
You know how important every individual is to maintaining the culture of your school. So, how do you decide between multiple candidates, potentially with the same credentials, who will fit best? School leaders around the state of Michigan captured their best practices:
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Writing a Job Post to Attract Top Talent

Posted by Becky Carlton on Mar 16, 2016 4:43:01 PM

We all are in need of top talent for our schools and with the recent teacher shortages spanning across the nation, it's obvious that there is tough competition out there for those rock stars. When posting an open position for your school, keep in mind that if you keep with the traditional generic write-up, it is most likely whom you will attract for the interview- dull and generic individuals. Here are some practical tips to keep up with the next generation of motivated and energetic educators to attract them to your school! 

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School Success is NOT a Destination

Success is believing that every student can and will succeed.

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