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How to use Facebook to increase enrollment: stop marketing, start sharing

Posted by Grace Noyola on May 16, 2018 10:15:52 PM

In today’s digital world, research continues to demonstrate that Facebook is the preferred word-of-mouth marketing tool for parents, teachers, students and businesses alike - this makes it the perfect place to market your charter school to prospective families. But are you employing the right tactics, or are your methods falling flat?

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Why should my school attend the Fall Symposium?

Posted by Becky Carlton on Nov 14, 2017 10:47:06 AM

Did you know that the Innovators in Education Fall Symposium and PLCs are eligible for funding through Title IIA? Join charter leadership, teachers, and management company representatives from across the state to reinvigorate the professionalism in education through networking with peers from across the state, gaining inspiration at the general session, and engaging in three innovative breakout sessions on Wednesday.

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3 Biggest Misconceptions about School Facebook Pages

Posted by Becky Carlton on Sep 19, 2017 9:47:47 AM

If your school does not have a Facebook page yet, you are behind the times. It is an absolute must that each school manage a Facebook page for marketing, branding, fundraising and engagement on all levels. Some schools have been dragging their feet on getting a Facebook page operational thinking it is a fad that will fade away and be taken over by some other form of social media. Although that might be true in the next 5-10 years, the moral of the story is that there is no excuse not to have a Facebook presence for your school NOW.

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Building on Ideas: School Competition & Innovation

Posted by Angi Beland on Jan 19, 2017 11:29:00 AM

An organization built around the idea of inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders, FIRST, offers students an amazing learning opportunity. But, it also offers a valuable lesson on the pathway to successful innovation far beyond science and technology.

The foundation of FIRST is a concept called Gracious Professionalism. It’s an ideal that suggests fierce competition and mutual gains are not separate notions. FIRST also teaches kids Coopertition®, defined as displaying unqualified kindness and respect in the face of fierce competition. Coopertition means competing always, but assisting and enabling others when you can, leading to unprecedented innovation.

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School Branding: What does it take?

Posted by Becky Carlton on Mar 16, 2016 5:07:42 PM

How does your school's brand impact your outcomes? Do parents, students and community stakeholders understand your brand and mission? Looking at the media today, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and even fatigued with trying to battle the misinformation that is continually being rolled out to the public. Branding can be a business-term that can be misconstrued in the education sector, but can have long-term impact on your school! 

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