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The making of a great Facebook page administrator

Posted by Grace Noyola on Nov 14, 2017 11:08:45 AM


In this digital age, your school’s Facebook page is an essential marketing tool--both to engage with your current families, and showcase your work for prospective families. The best way to maximize your page is to ensure you have a dedicated Facebook administrator, or team of administrators, who are uncovering the exciting happenings in your classrooms, and regularly sharing them with your online audience.It may seem easy and simple, but developing captivating posts for your page, several times a week, can seem intimidating. The best way to combat this: pick a person, or people, who are best poised for the job. Use these tips to help identify your ideal administrators and strengthen your page.

Find the Facebook fanatic:

Who better to run your Facebook page than the person who is already familiar with the in’s and out’s of the channel? You want your administrator(s) to feel comfortable telling stories through this social platform, and if they are avid users on their personal page, chances are they will know what things make sense to post for your school’s page.

Identify someone with access and relationships throughout your school:

Ideally, you want your Facebook page to paint a holistic picture of your school--the diverse learning environments, teaching styles and experiences. The person who is posting to your page will be most effective if they regularly interact with different classrooms, students and projects. If you notice that your front office person has great relationships with many students and teachers, they might be the perfect fit--and because they aren’t spending the majority of their time in one classroom, they have the ability to float from space to space during the day and capture diverse content.

Provide passionate students with unique marketing experience:  

Every year, countless college students search for real-world marketing experiences with organizations in their communities--even if that experience is unpaid. If no one on your staff has the time or experience to manage your Facebook page, an intern could serve as a great administrator. Whether their focus is on education, marketing, communications or media, their studies are directly geared towards this type of work--and their age positions them as experienced social media users. Connect with your local college or university, and try to find a common place to post internship opportunities.

Spot the person who’s always taking photos and videos:

On Facebook, videos and photos vastly increase the reach of your content. If you can identify a team member who’s comfortable using their phone to capture students, classrooms and teachers, that will automatically help build content that connects with your audience.

Power in numbers:

Perhaps your team members each bring something different to the table; someone is a great photographer, another is a social media guru, and another has great connections throughout the school--but no one person has the time to make everything work. Instead of selecting one or two people to run your page, you can use a free online tool, such as Google Drive, to create a monthly calendar of posts. Various teachers and support staff could each contribute stories, pictures and videos to a shared document, and an administrator could then post to your Facebook page.


Whether you’re looking to increase enrollment, share more news with parents or build up your school’s reputation, your Facebook page plays a critical role in communicating with your community. Identifying the right administrator(s) is the first step in the right direction.

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