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Summer Tips for Teachers

Posted by Sara Vanderbilt on May 18, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Can you sense it? It’s right around the corner and almost everyone is looking forward to it. It’s SUMMER BREAK! About this time in the school year, everyone from kids to parents to teachers, start daydreaming about what their summer breaks will look like. There might be trips to take, swimming to be done, and house/yard work to catch-up on. This list of activities might seem manageable until you realize just how fast the summer flies by.

As a teacher, how are you going to spend your summer break? Below are just a few summer tips for ways to re-inspire and re-energize oneself over the summer break. 

Take Care of Your Health (Both Mental and Physical)
During the school year, it is easy for your health not to take top priority. Schedules get busy and exercise doesn’t happen. Plans to eat healthy are often replaced eating on the run. Over the summer try to schedule time for daily walks and/or daily naps. Throw into your week a vegetarian meal. Focusing on your health over the summer will provide energy for the next school year.

Find Some Inspiration
Do you remember why you started teaching? Do you remember the passion you had when you first started? Over the summer, tap into your passion and inspiration for teaching by looking through cards and notes that previous students have written you. Visit to read stories about celebrities and the teachers who inspired them.

Learn Something New
When was the last time you tried something new just to learn? The summer presents a great time to take classes or read books and continue learning. By learning something new you reignite an inner spark, which can lead to newfound energy for your classroom. A great place for book ideas is the educators’ groups on Goodreads. You can join book discussions; write book reviews, tweet, or blog about what you've read. (If you read on Kindle and link your Amazon account to Goodreads, it tracks your progress automatically.)

Mess with Stuff
Through the year there isn’t much time to try out new computer software or new teaching tools to see if they would work in your classroom. So, why not take time over the summer to just “mess around” with new teaching tools. You might find some new apps that will help with classroom organization. You might find a new tool that will help you communicate with parents more creatively. You might even find a new classroom setup that can help you students. Take some time to play with these tools and ideas so you can be ready to use them in the school year.

Reflect on the Past Year
What was the best thing that happened over the past year? What was one thing you would do differently? By taking time to focus on the previous school year, you can examine what worked and what didn’t. This can help in future planning. In our fast-paced world, we don’t often take time to reflect and celebrate the special moments that happen. These moments can be very powerful and can re-energize you for the coming school year.

Completely Disconnect

Although this is very hard to do, it can be the most helpful – unplug yourself and your devices. The tweets, beats, and rings that come from our electronic devices often interrupt our thoughts. By escaping all this, even for a small time, we can renew our energy and reconnect with the most important people in our life. So, don’t be afraid to go where there is no cell signal for a time.

What’s your plan for the summer? Do you have some tricks and tips that work to re-inspire and re-energize you?

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