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Innovators wanted: new school development workshops kick off in June

Posted by Guest Author on Jun 8, 2018 9:43:14 AM

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At the core of charter schools is a strategya strategy that allows innovators to try new things that get results for kids within the public education landscape. Innovations that are successful can be replicated, grow, and flourish. Those that are not can be kept small, and, if improvement is not shown, eliminated.

All too often those that have a great idea for a new public school—especially those with innovative ideas—need help turning these ideas into a reality.

 Unlike business entrepreneurs, who get plenty of opportunities to workshop their dreams in networks designed to support their budding ideas, educational innovators are often left to navigate the start-up process on their own, with little to no assistance.

As a result, some who want to start a charter school see their dreams stall in the initial phases because they have overlooked key information that should be included in their plan. For others, the innovative idea may be brilliant, but a procedural error stops it in its tracks. It’s not that they aren’t passionate about their idea; they simply ran into a hurdle that they didn’t foresee because they never had the opportunity to learn about the foundational aspects of starting a school.  

Until now.

People who want to develop a new educational option for their community can now attend the New School Development Workshop Series, a six-part training from the National Charter Schools Institute that helps participants understand everything they need to know to develop a strong charter application for a proposed new charter school. Every important topic is covered – school mission, curriculum, finances, the legal environment – so that each participant may finish the series with an understanding of how prepared they are to see their dream come fruition.

Participation in this workshop series will help innovators in several ways.

Most importantly, it will help them present a clear and compelling vision for their proposed new school.  Those proposing a new school have the best understanding of the community needs they are looking to meet. This series will help them clarify these needs to present the strongest vision possible for how their school will meet these needs.

The workshops will also move innovators beyond their initial vision to help them develop a strong organizational plan for their school, understand their finances, plan to identify and recruit top-rate teachers who are aligned with the school’s mission, and plan to meet the needs of diverse student populations.

In short, this series will help innovators develop great applications, putting the charter strategy into action and putting them on the road to getting results for kids.

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