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Posted by Becky Carlton on Sep 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM


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Selling your goods and services to schools can be a difficult task in itself. Trying to hunt down the school principal or the right individual who can make a purchasing decision is only the beginning of the process. However, changing the buying habits of a school who has history with a previous vendor, consistency in the way they do business, and a method to their madness is a hard hurdle to overcome. So, how can a provider convert a lead to a sale when the consumer is a school?
Obviously your experience and commitment is generally the highest markers of success that a school looks at. Have you previously sold this product with a school and were you committed to see success on both ends? Innovation is another key indicator for a school as they are always looking for the next best solution to a problem. How does your good or service help them in a truly unique way? Lastly, schools look for overall responsiveness in your communications and your capacity to take on new schools. Are you timely with your communication and are you taking on too much, too fast?

Another key measure that would help schools see your value as a provider is your connection between their work and student achievement. I know this may seem odd, but if you offer janitorial services, you can sell yourself as a partner in achieving their outcomes by stating your services will lower the time and worry administration spends on the quality of the facility and can refocus that energy to what truly matters- the students. This connection can seem minimal and even obvious at times, but it will make a huge impact in the eyes of school administration. It will point out to them that you are truly invested in the success of the schools and not just clean hallways.
Whatever your product or service is, know that schools are open to change, it just may take a little extra time on your part to convince them you are truly a partner in the school’s success. What have you found to be the biggest hurdle in selling services to a school?

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