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Buddy graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in Communications. A veteran of the newspaper industry, Buddy worked for 26 years as an editor for the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, where he won numerous state and national awards for his writing. In 2009, he was named the top newspaper columnist in Michigan by the Associated Press. More recently, he has worked in public relations and documentary production, and is a two-time Emmy nominee for documentary filmmaking. His films have appeared on TV on PBS, ABC, Fox Sports Detroit and the MLB Network.

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How to Shoot Great School Facebook Videos on Your Phone

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on Jul 14, 2017 7:00:00 PM

When it comes to promoting your school, Facebook is king. And when it comes to Facebook, videos are king. There’s no better way to reach current and prospective parents than through Facebook, and there’s nothing on Facebook that’s more effective or engaging than a video.

The moral of the story? You need to put more videos about your school on Facebook. Duh.

As the start of the new school year approaches, your goal should be to post at least one video every week about your school. What kind of videos? Anything interesting that’s going on at your school – anything that showcases your students, your curriculum, your innovation or your mission.

And here's the best part – it's a whole lot easier than you think. If you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket, you’ve got everything you need. 

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What is a Charter School Management Company?

Posted by Buddy Moorehouse on Nov 9, 2016 10:24:43 AM

As a provider of products and services to schools, you might have heard about a charter school’s “management company,” and wondered: What is a management company, and what does it do? Here’s what you need to know! 

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