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A is for Apple, but how do they get from tree to table?

Posted by Guest Author on Jun 30, 2017 11:58:01 AM

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“Food, Agriculture & Resources in Motion” or FARM Science Lab is hitting the road, beginning its mission to take agricultural education to elementary schools statewide in Michigan!

Extracting DNA from wheat germ, using the scientific method to explore if petroleum or soybean based crayons produce the brightest color, and using the five senses to investigate how apples get from tree to table. These are just a few of the exciting new lessons students can engage in via a 40-foot mobile classroom equipped with the latest teaching technologies and tooled with STEM-based lessons to increase agricultural awareness.

Why the need for agricultural education?
Agriculture affects our lives every day, but many students don’t understand these connections: how healthy, nutritious food arrives on their tables; how fiber is produced to clothe them; or how agricultural products provide shelter.

Michigan’s food and farm sector produces more than 300 different commodities and generates more than $100 billion in economic activity annually. Not only is agriculture important to students personally, it is economically vital to our state and nation.

Staffed by certified teacher Lyndsay Grasman, the FARM Science Lab helps reinforce grade-level standards with hands-on science experiments while increasing students’ knowledge of how agriculture impacts their daily lives.

Educators can choose from a variety of lessons for students in grades K-5. All lessons use integrated teaching technologies as students explore science and the scientific method through the lens of agriculture and each are paired with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes (NALOs).

FARM to School
The FARM Science Lab offers schools the convenience of bringing a field trip-style experience to their front door. Students receive an out-of-classroom, hands-on experience without the hassle of transportation arrangements or field-trip permission slips.

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